Social Media Marketing & SMO Services

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is a social networking platform that helps tp increase the awareness of brand and generate online business to stay a head in competition.

Our social networking services focus on creating and maintaining numerous accounts for your company on a variety of social networks ranging from Facebook to Twitter. We implement common branding techniques to strengthen recognition across these networks and push information efficiently through each network’s propagation system.


Over 1.3 billion people are connecting on Facebook; while 600 million twitterers are tweeting. Even Google+ has over 200 million people using the platform to share stories. And there are many other social media platforms as well!

We can help you build the right connections on the right social media platforms that bring your brand closer to your market. Through Social Media, you can:

  • Engage Customers in Meaningful Conversations
  • Provide Instantaneous Customer Service
  • Engage Visitors by Having Them Contribute Content
  • Provide Exclusive Offers & Discounts to Your Audience

Webmake belives in the chain conversions to customers,customers to brand advocates through viral social media content.Through Social Media Monitoring we also help you build a social media strategy through our social media markgnseting Solutions in order to increase the  Return  On Investment(ROI) of your  Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

We work on Social media marketing and Social Media Optimization for the arsenal of any brand.We use blogs, forums,social networks,forum photo sharing and video sharing for huge impact in brand creation and help to establish a direct connect with their customers.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Stand Out

We start by creating a robust social strategy focused on your business goals while taking the marketplace, competition, buyer personas, etc. into consideration.

Create Fantastic Content

After strategizing, we develop useful, enticing, and interactive content by focusing on both context and form in order to build relationships with your audience.

Lead the Conversation

In the next step, we promote the content to your advantage and stretch the campaign out by LEADING the conversations instead of JOINING them.

Amplify It

After that, we utilize strategic content amplification techniques in order to break free of your network limitations and improve your content outreach radically.

Measure It

The successive step includes measurement of both campaign-focused metrics as well as ongoing analytics to track the overall performance and find opportunities to gain from.

Keep it Real

Finally, we put our best efforts to keep all your marketing initiatives real and interactive by infusing your brand personality into our social strategies tactically.


We provide blogging services for our clients to assist them in spreading company’s message. A blog provides a company with valuable targeted keywords, branding initiatives, and can also be designed as a form of communication to users.

Articles and Press Releases

Content writers will write articles and press releases on the behalf of your company with your search engine optimization efforts in mind. Incoming links generated in the content will link back to strategic pages on your website to ensure new links being generated weekly. Press releases and articles are propagated to numerous channels for maximum visibility.

Additional Services

Web make provides video marketing services, directory submission services, and monthly reports for your social media marketing initiatives. For more information on how our SMO India services can help you, give us a call or contact us for a free consultation